Who are we?
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                                                                                                           RUDE T.EE V.EE PRODUCTIONS LLC


Rude T.ee V.ee Productions LLC is A fully equipped production company. There is no event too big or too small. We can cater to showcases, baby showers, mixers, weddings, runway shows, BBQ’s, parties and so much more.


  • Event promotion
  • Graphic Design
  • Flyer creation
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional videography
  • Promotional Sponsorship
  • Event coordination
  • Stage Training
  • Door staff
  • Bartender
  • Performance artist
  • Event host
  • Venue Search
  • Event consultants
  • Event press coverage
  • DJ search
  • Artist development
  • Basic press kit creation 
Don’t be ripped off and over charged!
Don’t settle for an unprofessional team!
Tell us your budget and let us do the work!

We have worked closely with the National Action Network, Street Poets NYC, 3rdEyeSolation and so much more. 


From the founders mouth!

• How did we come up with the name Rude T.ee V.ee?
Well my name is DaRuddest Jones. Not because im rude but because people who dont understand me and my thought process typecast me as rude. The reason I choose Rude T.ee V.ee to be the name of my movement is because I need people to see and understand my visions. I often say “Once you’ve lived Rude T.ee V.ee you’ll never go back to your TV.” I just want to show people what goes on inside of my head. I like to bring raw art to my audience. I like to share real life. I talk of rape, abuse, parenting, school, music, racism and a host of other things. There’s no point in sharing if its not of substance and I prefer to only work with artist who feel the same way about their craft.

• What does Rude T.ee V.ee offer? 
Rude T.ee V.ee supplies artist with: artist development, performance training, promotion, assistance with developing new pieces, exposure and a showcase to display their artistry. Rude T.ee V.ee will also organize artistic showcases for other companies and groups.
Rude T.ee V.ee has a yearly showcase entitled, “Memoirs of a Starving Artist”. In said showcase all artist from all walks of life are scouted and perform together in a showcase that is designed to show the world that they are hungry to make it!

Besides artist showcases Rude T.ee V.ee also holds events simply for people to have a good time, BBQ’s, parties, singles mixers and much more.



We’re striving to bring the art of passion to the masses one venue at a time. 


Precious “DaRuddest” Jones

Founder/CEO/Lead Coordinator

DaRuddest Jones

DaRuddest Jones is a LGBT spoken word artist, event coordinator, blogger, producer, director, personality, manager, writer and host from the Bronx N.Y.
Daruddest Jones is the CEO, founder and artistic director of Rude T.ee V.ee Productions LLC and writer for Unheard Voices Magazine. She is also a former member Street Poets NYC.
DaRuddest has been in performance since the age of 4. She’s done everything from African dancing with Laraque Bey to singing background for Jerome Brooks. She’s worked with the great George Faison for a number of yrs with a group called the Respect Project where she would sing, rap, act, dance and of course do spoken word.
DaRuddest has also been honored with the opportunity to work with the highly honored and highly favored Dr. Maya Angelou as well as many other well know and established artist.
DaRuddest competed in a VIBE Magazine artist competition and was crowned with second place and she has every desire to acquire the number one spot when given the chance again.
DaRuddest Jones has performed at the National Black Theater Festival in North Carolina as well as local venues such as the 5spot, Brooklyn Exposure, HK lounge, Karma, Billie’s Black, The Street Poets Den, Moca, Marfa, Voodoo lounge and many other locations.
DaRuddest Jones has been the Host for Centric Spotlight at the Voodoo lounge located in Brooklyn NY and for Private Affairs monthly erotica showcase at Amarachi Lounge also located in Brooklyn NY.DJP
DaRuddest Jones had her first showcase entitled, DaRuddest Jones presents Rude T.ee V.ee, introducing her vision to support and promote spoken word artist and their dream to make it. As an extension of that DaRuddest started a monthly open mic / showcase that she held in the heart of Harlem. At the showcase she focuses on bridging the gap between Poetry and Hip Hop.
DaRuddest is the creator and director of an annual artist showcase entitled, Memoirs of a Starving Artist. Moasa was created to give new artist leverage and experience. Being apart of Moasa exposes all artist involved to free stage training, free promotion, an opportunity to make money and media exposure. Moasa is opened to all art forms.
DaRuddest is determined to penetrate the entertainment industry and show the world that Spoken Word is not intended to only be underground.

COO/In House Artist
YRestsHailing from Harlem New York, Y-Rests is a multi-talented artist pursuing a career which contains no limits.Y-Rests is an actor, poet, rapper and writer. He is also a very important piece of RTV.Performing since the age of 9, Y-Rests continues to entertain and astonish fans with his thought provoking lyrics. Lyrics that address real life issues such as racial profiling, heartbreak, single parenting, the father son relationship and so much more.With his mission, to R.E.B.E.L. (Release Evil Behaviors & Embrace Love) he lives for sparking minds and creating action. Y-Rests wants to be that driving force that makes you take a different stance in life.Y-Rests has been an active member of Rude T.ee V.ee from day one. He has always assisted in some form or fashion. As of late, the Rude T.ee V.ee artitst has become very active in the production of the annual Rude T.ee V.ee showcase, Moasa.Y-Rests is a person who is always looking for new ways to be great. He is the perfect example of a strong… Black… Man!Y-Rests was added to the Rude T.ee V.ee family because of his love of art and dedication. Him and The Founder of Rude T.ee V.ee met as teens. They were both apart of a theater group, The Respect Project. They both were trained in performance by the great George Faison. And they both had a dream of becoming more. From there a powerful friendship and unity was born.Y-Rests is painfully aware of the reality of society and tries to convey his understand of truth and lies through his music.Y-Rests tries his best to be a great man and does all he can to lead others into a better understanding of life. From his words of wisdom to his heart touching music… Anyway he can reach a new mind he does.

Serina “Madam Ambition” Williams
Executive Assistant/Coordinator/Dancer

 Omo Pastor

Event Photographer 

Well, My name is Omo Pastor which means Pastor’s Child in Yoruba. I’m just a rebel inspired strongly by Lauryn Hill. Just a photographer that loves to find the beauty in things society look past. I’m Nigerian, love music, photography & Poetry. And I am nothing without God.

Matthew Sain Munroe
“Born in the United Kingdom at Kings College hospital and raised by a family fully of Jamaicans, I SAIN, now 23 years old have 867996_sain picmusic flowing through my veins. I grew up in Hollis Queens and Southside Jamaica queens and moved to Valley Stream Long Island hooked up with a few people and now I’m making music and videos. Im also an aspiring photographer working my ass off to get where I need to be.I am the creator and 1st member of the R&B/ Hip-Hop group Superlative Reasoning. I have two other members along side me who i consider my brothers, DiVerze and Xero. We have put out various songs but on January 1st 2012 we released our first Official Mixtape titled “The Beginning” starting the year out right.Our Second mixtape titled “But Im Not a Rapper” which was strictly hip-hop. We also released our third mixtape on valentines day of 2013 titled “Unexpected Devotion” geared towards love and devotion. I believe that music changes lifes and hope that mine can hopefully affect someone.”Though very passionate about music Sain is also as genius behind the camera. He often catches those candid moments that you want to hold on to forever. Sain magically sees that amazing shot and brings it to life helping you relive experiences time and time again.

David “DeeJay DLite” LightfootDlite
D. J.
There are no words to explain how this man commands a room. David is the driving force of every RTV event. He sets the mood and keeps everyone in an amazing mood.