As I sit here sipping my coffee listening to “Light Blue” by Thelonious Monk, and A few tunes by Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, John Coltrane..”Bitches Brew” by Miles Davis, some Charles Mingus and a slew of other Talented BLACK Jazz legends… I start to ponder.. How THE FUCK did Jazz and countless other Beautiful Styles of music created by us become “White people music”


How did we lose our culture and the countless artistic contributions we have made to not only American society, but global society as a whole? How did we go from jazz and It’s African/creole roots to Frank Sinatra being the king of it? How did we go from Chuck Berry to Elvis? Kool herc to Eminem? Frankie Knuckles to David Guetta? How did jazz and countless other genres that had so many black artists dwindle down to barely none at all? It’s to the point that it’s laughable to hear a black artist do Rock, or Jazz, or Electronica. Why is it weird for a raver to be black, as if black people didn’t create raves? Why and how did these white artists seemingly infiltrate black created and dominated genres, become “the King” of them and then kick us out of our own house?


As it seems like a cycle of cultural appropriation, time and time again our music, styles, and culture are first ridiculed, then mimicked, and then taken by a society who’d rather see us dead. You see kids, history repeats itself, and those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. From chopping off the noses on the Sphinx, Greeks plagiarizing and then burning Egyptian science libraries, to Iggy Azealea being the queen of hip hop, our legacy and culture has always been stolen. It’s a form of genocide; you get rid of any trace of a people’s legacy, slander them and it will be easier to wipe them out. It’s been done again and  again. Although “music is for everybody” As some people who argue against these facts put it, what’s happening isn’t a global participation in something beautiful. It’s appropriation, it’s power and pressure by white supremacist ideologies coupled by its equally white supremacist record labels attempting to “Lighten the situation”. Same as its prodding rappers to be gangstas and pimps opposed to revolutionists and thinkers, for the purpose of mass incarceration, police militarization in the black community, and the overall justification of oppressing people of color. The award shows, radio stations, various media outlets and the racist labels that control them proactively push these white acts and ignore the black ones, regardless of whether they’re better and have more to offer or not. White artists are praised and exalted for doing the same thing black artists have been overlooked and ridiculed for doing years prior.. This attempt at white washing our culture is something we should take very serious.. Or in 2115 hip hop will be considered, “white people music”.

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A prolific, intensely opinionated writer from Queens, NY. With a strong knowledge on social issue and history. The goal is to give people the real no matter who it offends. After all else has fallen, truth will still stand.

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