Its never expected when it comes to you. You seem to throw me off every time. It seems like whether I want it or not you somehow always put me in the mood. Your body heat warms me and I’m right there with you. Last night was no different.

The way you rubbed my legs on the couch told me everything I needed to hear. Though I tried to ignore it at first I knew you would change all my reasoning. I breathed in a deep sigh and watched that grin crawl across your face. I think it was the roll of my neck that let you know I couldn’t resist you.

You traced your fingertips from my legs to my sides. “What are you doing?” I asked. You chuckled “What does it look like?” I hate when you’re a smart ass. I felt your lips lightly press against my neck. You lingered there for a moment then your lips separated. I felt the smooth hard surface of your teeth and my body fell weak into your arms. I sat there praying you didn’t feel my body tremble at the clamp of your bite. In that moment you had me. All of me.

Your hand traced my jeans and slowly unbuttoned them then pulled my zipper down. I know you were surprised to discover that I left my underwear out of my wardrobe choice tonight.

You traced one finger up the line of my pussy and felt my juices on your fingertip. I was dripping wet. I felt your tongue on my breast then a small bite. You always feel so fucking good. I pulled my jeans off and that was a green light for you.

You pressed your fingers deep inside my pussy and pressed your lips against mine. The only sounds heard was the air passing through my teeth and your arrogant moans. I threw my head back and arched my back for you to penetrate me deeper. You slid another finger in my pussy and I felt you stretching me. You felt my pussy tighten around your fingers. It only enticed you to go deeper and faster with every stroke.

My moans filled the room and I came. I came and you tore your fingers out my pussy. My body shook with desire for more of you. But that was all you wanted and all I needed.

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Jackie Nelson

Jackie is a new blogger for She is a very skilled writer who started writing back in high school. After high school she pursued her education and received her Associates Degree and Bachelor's degree in Communications. Jackie has always explored the Communication Arts. She actually enjoys arts of different kinds. Working behind the scenes and helping local artists achieve their dreams in music, poetry, and beyond. Dabbling in public relations and photography she knows the best forms of expressions come from getting into the mind of a person. Her strength lies in working with the people. Every job she has ever held she has worked hands on with people of different age groups and backgrounds. She began working at daycare then later switched to tutoring pre-teens. Jackie later worked with senior citizens who taught her it is ok to fully speak her mind because you do not have much time left. When she thought she couldn't get any closer to a person while still working she started work with people in one of their most vulnerable states. She became a phone sex operator. In that position she was able to pry into the mind of her customers, both men and women and take them on a roller coaster ride and she hopes to do the same in her blog. Enjoy!

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