Lately I’ve been all about my fitness. I’ve been kickboxing and eating better. Well everyone knows you can burn tons of calories during sex. Well the other day I came across this fact: You can burn 8-10 more calories by undressing your partner before sex. This got me thinking. So not only would I be taking care of my fitness I would be helping my partner. This is great I guess its like yoga! Lol.

     Seriously though its rare that I let one of my partners get undressed alone. I love helping. Its like unwrapping an early Christmas present. Its such a tease. There’s nothing more alluring than the popping of buttons, especially if you can unbutton them while biting your bottom lip and looking straight into your partner’s eyes. Trust me its a huge turn on. I’m all about sensory stimulation and the feeling of your clothes sliding off of your body and landing on the floor next to your feet is a high that can only be achieved at its highest peak with the help of the perfect partner.

     I had someone once tell me they loved the sound of the snapping of my underwear on my skin before they pulled them down. I didn’t understand at first. Lets just say, I completely get it now. They snapped my thong on my waist and it was almost like a mini spank. It sent shivers down my spine. Try it, I’m telling you its something you won’t regret.

     I’ve heard so many times that there is no “sexy” way to take off your pants…. False! Let your partner do it. Or you remove their’s. What I like to do is kiss them, bite their neck and suck while they’re so distracted they won’t even realize I’ve slid my hands down and unbuttoned their jeans and slid their legs out one at a time. I’ve done this a couple times.

     The thing you have to remember is to take this slowly. Pace yourself and your partner will be begging you for more before all of their clothes are off and you’ll love watching them shake and shiver with desire for you. Take each article of clothing off of them as if it were a fine piece of silk. Don’t rush. It should be like a Vegas strip tease: seven minutes long and the shirt is only gone by minute four. Take your time. But in all honesty there nothing wrong with ripping and rushing sometimes. I call this cardio. It all depends on the mood. I’ve had my panties ripped off of me before and I must say, it was pretty hot. It gave me this feeling that I was desired to passionately that they couldn’t wait to have me right then and there.

     So for a great workout routine start with yoga, end with cardio, and eat plenty of salad with light undressing.

“I don’t like salad dressing. I prefer salad undressing. I’m a health freak. And I do mean freak.”
-Jarod Kintz

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Jackie is a new blogger for She is a very skilled writer who started writing back in high school. After high school she pursued her education and received her Associates Degree and Bachelor's degree in Communications. Jackie has always explored the Communication Arts. She actually enjoys arts of different kinds. Working behind the scenes and helping local artists achieve their dreams in music, poetry, and beyond. Dabbling in public relations and photography she knows the best forms of expressions come from getting into the mind of a person. Her strength lies in working with the people. Every job she has ever held she has worked hands on with people of different age groups and backgrounds. She began working at daycare then later switched to tutoring pre-teens. Jackie later worked with senior citizens who taught her it is ok to fully speak her mind because you do not have much time left. When she thought she couldn't get any closer to a person while still working she started work with people in one of their most vulnerable states. She became a phone sex operator. In that position she was able to pry into the mind of her customers, both men and women and take them on a roller coaster ride and she hopes to do the same in her blog. Enjoy!

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