Here’s the truth.

I love to be teased in public! I may act like I don’t but, I do. One of the best ways to ensure a non-stop night from me is to tease me. But don’t just tease me, make me feel like you want me so badly you almost don’t give a damn who knows. Take me to dinner and make me believe you would lay me on top of the table and take me right here before the appetizers arrive.

One of my favorite things to have done to me in public is to bite and suck my fingers. You know you’ve got me when my mouth goes agape and I just stare at you with vengeful eyes. Its fun! You can do it so discretely and intensely that it sends the perfect message. In some cases it calms the beast. Its the feeling of teeth on skin and soft lips tracing fingertips that can send me to the moon. I promise after that, I’m yours!

Heres the perfect example: You’re out to dinner with your partner. While looking at the menu you say something sweet. He or she reaches across the table kisses your hand and glazes their lips over your knuckles, past your nails and gently gives your fingertip a light suck. First only sucking them up to the first knuckle then a small bite at your fingertips. Then slowly sucking all the way to your second knuckle until he’s sucking your whole finger and sliding his teeth on your skin while his soft lips provide a nice cushion.

Next thing you know you’re back at home busy until the sun comes up and sixteen missed calls later you emerge from bed with a grin on your face trying to remember how you got back there and if you actually paid for dinner.

Yeah it just takes you there. I’m just saying, that was an example.
The only thing better than that would have to be sucking fingers during sex. At that point its more for sensory stimulation. Your body is already going crazy but a simple suck can send you over the edge and you’re puddy in your partner’s hands or them in yours. This tease can be done by anyone at anytime. Tell me some of your favorite public teases.


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Jackie Nelson

Jackie is a new blogger for She is a very skilled writer who started writing back in high school. After high school she pursued her education and received her Associates Degree and Bachelor's degree in Communications. Jackie has always explored the Communication Arts. She actually enjoys arts of different kinds. Working behind the scenes and helping local artists achieve their dreams in music, poetry, and beyond. Dabbling in public relations and photography she knows the best forms of expressions come from getting into the mind of a person. Her strength lies in working with the people. Every job she has ever held she has worked hands on with people of different age groups and backgrounds. She began working at daycare then later switched to tutoring pre-teens. Jackie later worked with senior citizens who taught her it is ok to fully speak her mind because you do not have much time left. When she thought she couldn't get any closer to a person while still working she started work with people in one of their most vulnerable states. She became a phone sex operator. In that position she was able to pry into the mind of her customers, both men and women and take them on a roller coaster ride and she hopes to do the same in her blog. Enjoy!

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