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1st. also known as the “Pretty Girl” is most defiantly not a stranger to this music scene. Born in Harlem, New York, and then moved to Mashpee, Massachusetts, to end up in Brooklyn, NY, this female has been making her mark in every state she seems to step her foot in! “Brooklyn Molded, born in Harlem, Boston branded, Mashpee mobbing” .. this quote right here is a good definition of this female MC that has now made music her top priority. Starting out in an all male hip-hop group called Team Arliss of D-Block, 1st being the single female on the team always felt she had to be extra and go hard with her craft, feeling like she had something to prove as there were no other female hip hop artists in that circle at the time. As time went on Team Arliss eventually parted ways with the music and decided to focus on being individual artists instead, which is when 1st started to gain more recognition for her talents. 1st still often referred to as the 1st Lady of Team Arliss D-Block or just 1st Lady, has made her way through the underground music world as a solo artist with her very well known ability to ride a beat gracefully with a sexy melodic tone that has everyone within ear’s reach buzzing! Forever known as the 1st. Lady, 1st has been featured on many underground hip hop artists tracks, and worked alongside producers such as King Clive, Vinny Idol, Amillion YSN, Purple Chrome, Apollo De Lorean and many others. It most surely appears that this young lady has every intention on getting her name in the streets as she was just featured on Sean Conn of Triboro’s new single “Da Good Life” produced by the Infamous Money Mike. Currently 1st. is an unsigned artist working on many projects including her own personal EP entitled 1st. Time Only. 1st is also putting her foot down within the female entrepreneur’s circle with her personal clothing, and make-up line in the works. You can also hear 1st. weekly as a co-host on the award winning radio show #Dacypha that airs Fridays from 9-11pm on DTF Radio.


About The Author

DaRuddest Jones

DaRuddest Jones is a LGBT Spoken Word Artist, Event Coordinator, Blogger, Producer, Director, Personality, Manager, Facilitator, Writer and Host from the Bronx N.Y. Daruddest Jones is the CEO, Founder and Artistic Director of Rude T.ee V.ee Productions LLC & writer for Unheard Voices Magazine. She is also a former member of Street Poets NYC. DaRuddest has been in performance since the age of 4. She's done everything from African dancing with Laraque Bey to singing background for Jerome Brooks. She's worked with the great George Faison for a number of yrs with a group called the Respect Project where she would sing, rap, act, dance and of course do spoken word. DaRuddest has also been honored with the opportunity to work with the highly honored and highly favored Dr. Maya Angelou as well as many other well know and established artist. DaRuddest competed in a VIBE Magazine Spoken Word Artist competition and was crowned with second place and she has every desire to acquire the number one spot when given the chance again. DaRuddest Jones has performed at the National Black Theater Festival in North Carolina as well as local venues such as the 5spot, Brooklyn Exposure, HK lounge, Karma, Billie’s Black, 3rdEyeSolation, The Street Poets Den, Moca Lounge, Marfa, Living Gallery, Voodoo lounge and many other locations. DaRuddest Jones has been the Host for Centric Spotlight at the Voodoo lounge located in Brooklyn NY and for Private Affairs monthly erotica showcase at Amarachi Lounge also located in Brooklyn NY. DaRuddest Jones had her first showcase entitled, DaRuddest Jones presents Rude T.ee V.ee, introducing her vision to support and promote spoken word artist and their dream to make it. As an extension of that DaRuddest started a monthly open mic / showcase that she held in the heart of Harlem. At the showcase she focuses on bridging the gap between Poetry and Hip Hop. DaRuddest is the creator and director of a annual artist showcase entitled, Memoirs of a Starving Artist also known as Moasa. Moasa was created to give new artist leverage and experience. Being apart of Moasa exposes all artist involved to free stage training, free promotion, an opportunity to make money and media exposure. Moasa is opened to all art forms. DaRuddest is determined to penetrate the entertainment industry and show the world that poetry is not intended to only be underground. Besides her undying love for performance art DaRuddest Jones is also very interested in the development of the youth in the inner city. DaRuddest Jones teaches at after school programs through out the New York City area. In her classes she helps her students become aware of the world around them, aware of their own greatness as well as holding group discussions on any topic of their liking. Topics included but not limited to racism, apartheid's, American History, Local News and so much more. DaRuddest Jones believes in groom kids to be not just leaders but Kings and Queens. DaRuddest Jones has been blessed with powerful experiences and amazing people. All she wants it to give the world all the greatness that it has given to her. DaRuddest Jones is a character that cannot and will not be held back. She lives by her words and guarantees that you will feel every one.

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