You Know the Rule

Your hands have been all over me all night and its more than I can bare. Your finger tips traced my thighs up and down the dance floor. We have been putting on a show since we got here but I’m thinking we should make this a bit more private. Fortunately for you, I don’t have the strength in me to wait until last call. I allow
one more fast song and let our bodies grind to the beat. Yes I can tell you’re excited. I felt you rock hard against my ass the last three songs and its time to tell you I’m ready. This dance were doing is so much more than a simple two step. You pull me in close to you and I whisper in your ear to meet me in the back of the club. You know, the spot where we can’t be seen. A simple wink and I’m off, leaving you half confused
on a crowded dance floor. I make my way to the back of the club, past the bar past the ladies room, and down the hall from the kitchen. Yes I’ve been here before. I spot you in the corner of my eye, speed walking down the hall and loosening your shirt. Our bodies meet and you press me against the wall without hesitation. Your hands on my hips biting my neck. I let out a light gasp and bite my bottom lip. I remember though we
cannot be seen, the music is muffled back here and the noise I wanna make will surely draw attention.
I unbuckle your belt and slide my hand down your pants and give you a light squeeze. Hard. Just like I suspected. I pull you out and admire for a brief moment your size. I quickly raise my skirt and you take over from there. You slide into me with your pants around your knees. My legs wrapped around your waist and my arms around your neck so as you’re sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy you can hear every quiet noise I make. We both know our time is limited and I feel you start to rush I just don’t want this to be over too soon. I feel my body cum and explode and I would be collapsed on the floor if you were not holding me up. Seconds later you cum inside me and I feel your body tremble in my arms. You step back, zip your pants and watch me fix my skirt with a more than pleased grin on your face. I let out a light chuckle and lightly press my lips against yours. You know the rule from here. Let me walk out first then wait about seven minutes and meet me back on the dance floor. I feel you watching me as I walk away. You’re admiring your work and all I’m thinking is maybe by the time I hit the dance floor, I’ll remember your name.

About The Author

Jackie Nelson

Jackie is a new blogger for She is a very skilled writer who started writing back in high school. After high school she pursued her education and received her Associates Degree and Bachelor's degree in Communications. Jackie has always explored the Communication Arts. She actually enjoys arts of different kinds. Working behind the scenes and helping local artists achieve their dreams in music, poetry, and beyond. Dabbling in public relations and photography she knows the best forms of expressions come from getting into the mind of a person. Her strength lies in working with the people. Every job she has ever held she has worked hands on with people of different age groups and backgrounds. She began working at daycare then later switched to tutoring pre-teens. Jackie later worked with senior citizens who taught her it is ok to fully speak her mind because you do not have much time left. When she thought she couldn't get any closer to a person while still working she started work with people in one of their most vulnerable states. She became a phone sex operator. In that position she was able to pry into the mind of her customers, both men and women and take them on a roller coaster ride and she hopes to do the same in her blog. Enjoy!

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