I’m not exactly sure how this started, but I’m for sure not complaining. My arms wrapped around the back of your neck as you bury your face in my chest. Your hands tracing up and down my spine, squeezing me tightly while my chocolate legs straddle your strong body in the chair. I’m grinding slowly and feeling every inch of you inside me.
You know what I like. I feel your hand travel up my neck and entangle itself in my hair. You have a handful of my locks and though its forbidden, you feel so good that I’m thinking there’s some things my hairdresser doesn’t need to know. You yank my hair back and press your lips against mine. You taste so delicious on my lips, that my tongue can’t resist moving it’s way between your lips. Daddy, I just wanna taste you. But you pull back to tease me but not before I’m able to bite your bottom lip. That grin of yours creeps across your face as you watch me take you in. You’re mine and I know it. The twitch of your leg told me so. And the fact that your moan gets louder every second I ride was only confirmation. Oh Daddy I know you like that. I’m biting your neck as I ride and feel you pull my hips closer to you. You want this as badly as I do. I slowly kiss your collar bone and glently glide my tongue from there to your ear. Slowly I suck the air between my teeth and whisper “Let go.” I watch your chest rise then fall to your eruption inside me.

About The Author

Jackie Nelson

Jackie is a new blogger for DaRuddestJones.com. She is a very skilled writer who started writing back in high school. After high school she pursued her education and received her Associates Degree and Bachelor's degree in Communications. Jackie has always explored the Communication Arts. She actually enjoys arts of different kinds. Working behind the scenes and helping local artists achieve their dreams in music, poetry, and beyond. Dabbling in public relations and photography she knows the best forms of expressions come from getting into the mind of a person. Her strength lies in working with the people. Every job she has ever held she has worked hands on with people of different age groups and backgrounds. She began working at daycare then later switched to tutoring pre-teens. Jackie later worked with senior citizens who taught her it is ok to fully speak her mind because you do not have much time left. When she thought she couldn't get any closer to a person while still working she started work with people in one of their most vulnerable states. She became a phone sex operator. In that position she was able to pry into the mind of her customers, both men and women and take them on a roller coaster ride and she hopes to do the same in her blog. Enjoy!

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